Our Academic Principles

Our Principles

  • We value learning and the process of learning as a benefit to individuals and society.
  • We value education as a force for social mobility and advancement.
  • We believe that a diverse, international body of learners necessitates a diverse pedagogical approach. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to learning.
  • We encourage primary research methods wherever possible as a means of fortifying learning gain and facilitating the advancement of new ideas and knowledge.
  • We encourage secondary research methods as a means of fortifying learning gain, with due credit given to the author or originator of works referenced.
  • We uphold honesty and integrity in academic work and encourage our clients to emulate this.
  • We do not condone or support cheating in academic work under any circumstances.
  • We are fiercely against so-called contract cheating, such as purchasing essays or assignments. We believe this undermines the entire learning process, destroys trust in the academic system, and promulgates abhorrently dishonest practices.

Our Team

Our team is our primary asset.

We work with the Office for Academic Support, a global network of British-educated experts, with a range of specialisms and many years’ worth of experience. Whatever our clients or partners need, from proofreading and editing to consultancy and advice, the breadth and depth of our network enables us to provide bespoke solutions.

Our team primarily consists of British-educated academics and careers specialists. From MRes postgraduates with specialist skills, to retired university lecturers well versed in the marking of assignments, to published, research-active staff. We match client needs with the type of first class standards and expertise only available from the Office of Academic Support.

If you are interested in joining our team, please register your interest using this form.

Our Clients

Our clients are the focus of everything we do.

Our clients are ambitious. They range from university applicants and undergraduate finalists to early career researchers and published scholars. They have clear objectives which we help them achieve. We work with clients at every stage of their academic and career progression.

Our clients are global. From Austria to Bangladesh, Turkey to Taiwan. We work with clients at institutions as far reaching as the University of Vienna (Austria), Wuhan University (China) and University College London (Great Britain), amongst many others.

Our clients are mobile. As they achieve their objectives and progress to their next stage, they continue to utilise our network and expertise. It has been our privilege to work with our upwardly mobile clients as they advance from being an applicant to undergraduate, to doctorate and employment.

We succeed when our clients succeed.