Application and Employability Services


Whether you are applying for employment, an internship or university course, our mission is to support you as you advance to the next stage in your life. We’re here to ensure you achieve your objectives. We succeed when you succeed.

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The application and recruitment process involves a number of stages, all of which must be passed successfully before you can advance. These include application forms, CV vetting, analysis of your personal statement, and interviews. Discounts are available on Application Support packages based on the level of support cover you need. Our packages are designed to support you in achieving your objective from start to finish. Maximise your chances of success by selecting the level of cover right for you.

Personalised Support

Dedicated Recruitment Officer

Best Value-to-Success Ratio


Your draft CV is completely re-formatted and edited, returned to you as a professional, unique and eye-catching document which commands attention. We convert your document into a clear and machine-readable format, with a focus on active and assertive language. You benefit from a strong competitive advantage by quantifying the impact of your academic, vocational and extra-curricular activities. Your essential weapon in any recruitment battle.

How long?

Usually within 8-24 hours.

How much?

£65 per Curriculum Vitae.


A Business Plan is a formal document presenting your value-generating concept in a structured and coherent manner. It is designed to explore and provide answers to the most essential questions encountered when starting a new business, such as Brand Positioning, Value Proposition, and Business Development Strategy. Our business strategists are highly experienced in supporting clients in crafting and shaping professional Business Plans. Whether for a Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneurship visa, an Angel/Series A investment pitch or to support your Tier 2 Intra-Company Transfer visa application, our experts can help turn your business idea into a strategic, structured and professional plan.

How long?

Usually 1 week

How much?

£350 - £700


A Personal Statement is your invaluable opportunity to make a great first impression, differentiating you from the hundreds of other applicants. We want the recruiter to remember your name, so that you can advance to the next (interview) stage.
Our experienced Application Editors know what it takes to craft a winning Personal Statement. Your draft will be returned to you as an active, engaging and persuasive document. The removal of spelling and grammar errors and improved vocabulary all come as standard, but if necessary, we will completely re-write it. We want you to win.

How long?

Usually within 24-36 hours.

How much?

£75 per statement.


Interview techniques are vital skills that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. They enable you to clearly explain your background, confidently answer questions and convincingly demonstrate your value. Interview Practice involves a 60-minute session comprising of a mock interview and feedback session with our experienced Recruitment Officer. We will train you on how to respond according to the STAR framework (Situation, Task, Action, Result), and coach you to ensure you have answers prepared for deployment during your real interviews. Practice makes perfect.

How long?

Each session is 60 minutes.

How much?

£100 per session.